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Hello! We’re a husband & wife duo who love being married, building relationships, being in community, and of course – we LOVE a good story. 

We began this little business of ours together. While dating, we both were pursuing different careers, and would’ve never guessed our journey would lead us here. Life is wild! 

We actually discovered our love for photo & video on our one year wedding anniversary when we took a trip out to Yosemite National Park. We brought along an old used camera we had and pretty much fell in love with documenting memories from there. However you found us, we’re so glad you’re here!

Xx, Kristine & Charles


(and the reason we’re passionate about what we do)

Marriage has been our greatest adventure. Life (both in its ups and downs) has been an incredible journey. There’s plenty we’re still learning in doing life together, but one discovery we’ve found? How truly valuable photos & videos are in this lifetime. We’ll never forget the moment that changed our world. 

A few years ago, we lost our son during childbirth. That day in the hospital room turned our world upside down. In that moment, all our photos & our videos with him became one of our greatest treasures. They felt so much more than a photograph or a video. It was a tangible way for us to remember and celebrate the time we had with him. And it’s also what had completely changed the meaning behind what we do.

It’s showed us what an immeasurable gift photos & videos really are. It’s what allows us to cherish moments that feel so fleeting. It allows us to hold on to sweet memories that grow richer in the years to come. And it’s what allows us to share our stories beyond ourselves – to our kids, our grandkids, and maybe one day, even their grandkids. We are so passionate about documenting memories because we know we are creating something lasting, and we are so grateful to have been a part of so many meaningful stories.

fun facts

about k

extroverted. type 3 on the enneagram! loves sushi, old vintage things, early morning sunlight, & plants she won’t kill. when not working, she’s most likely playing with clay, embroidering, or playing animal crossing/stardew valley.

about c

introverted (mostly!) but has extroverted moments. type 8 on the enneagram! loves sushi, basketball (go Lebron), exploring new places, & board games. when not working, he’s either playing league of legends or reading on the latest sports news. 


We don’t take our job lightly. We want to document your wedding day in a manner that serves you – every step of the way. Every wedding, we challenge ourselves to create something timeless for you – something you can look back on again and again and again. 

So we step into every wedding day with exactly that in mind. Each gallery is intentionally crafted together to tell your unique story, with all the quirks, joys, emotions, & heart that it holds. With each film, we artistically select songs, visuals, and sounds from your day to capture how the moment feels – so that you can always come back to the moment and remember how this season felt. 

Because at the end of the day, this is what we find joy in documenting. Whether it’s the loud, joy-filled celebrations from the laughter, the dancing, the partying. Or the tender, sweet, quieter moments that often happen in between. All of it is meaningful. All of it special.

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