We’re a husband & wife duo who love being married, building relationships, being in community, and of course – a good story. 

While dating, we both were pursuing different careers, and would’ve never guessed our journey would lead us here. We discovered our love for photography together (life is wild). It was on our one year anniversary where we brought along an old used camera and pretty much fell in love with documenting memories from there. This job hardly feels like work, and we feel incredibly blessed to do what we are passionate about for a living. 

However you found us, we’re truly grateful you are here. Thank you for being a part of our story, and for supporting this small business of ours.


Kristine & Charles

kristine & charles

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A lot of our inspiration is drawn from sunlight & landscapes. We love natural light and breathtaking views. In fact, capturing our 1 year anniversary in Yosemite is where we first fell in love with photography. We love playing with composition and getting creative with lighting + your surroundings. 

light + land

Presence over perfection any day. Real emotions, real laughter, real joy, real moments. Above any perfectly posed shot, we value the real ones. Because 10, 20, 50+ years down the line, we know these will be some of the sweetest photos you’ll have. We want you to be able to look back and remember exactly how this moment feels.


There are so many fleeting moments on a wedding day. Intentionally slowing down to capture the details & the moments in between is part of what excites us. We’re constantly trying to find the little moments that can easily be overlooked, but are just as important to your story.


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We don’t take our job lightly. We want to document your wedding day in a manner that serves you – every step of the way. Every wedding, we challenge ourselves to create something timeless for you – something you can look back on and not only remember a moment, but how that moment felt. 

So we step into every wedding day with exactly that in mind. Each gallery is intentionally crafted together to tell your unique story, with all the quirks, joys, emotions, & heart that it holds. 

Because at the end of the day, this is what we find joy in documenting. Whether it’s the loud, joy-filled celebrations from the laughter, the dancing, the partying. Or the tender, sweet, quieter moments that often happen in between. All of it is meaningful. All of it special.