Introductions: From Our Hearts


We recently started doing Friday introductions on our Instagram, but decided this week to share a little more on us, who we are, and what we stand for (in a way that delves deeper than just the #basicfacts). 

Side note: this idea actually came about when we were diving into articles and researching on ways to stand out from all the noise in this industry, but we are coming to realize that what makes us different from the rest is the simple fact that this business is run by US. It is *our* particular eye and style, *our* specific values, and *our* personalities that make us unique. So we are making a commitment to share more of our lives in a real and authentic way, and to be unafraid to show the faces behind Sweet Like Honey. 

So here's to vulnerability, and to hoping you find something meaningful through our lives and what we share. 

So who are we?
We're a married duo, striving to live and love well.
We believe marriage is one of the grandest adventures. 
While we will share a lot of our highlights, we are hoping to be transparent about how marriage can also be difficult and takes HARD WORK. 
Our first love is Jesus, and we believe that the greatest example of true, life-giving, sacrificial love is found in him. If you have questions or want to learn more about this, let's meet over coffee (we're serious!). 
We love meeting and making new friends, so if we end up at your wedding, our hearts will be celebrating along with you. 
Memory keeping is something we truly find joy in because we believe life is fleeting, and that choosing to cherish and remember these moments are important. 
And while this is a bit short, it is a little peek into what we value and hold dear. If you read this far, we just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

If you are still reading this far, thank you for following along. We are truly grateful for your support!

c + k 

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