4 Ways to Know if You Trust Your Photographer


YOUR WEDDING MATTERS. It will be such a special day that you’re going to want documented (and documented well). After all, it’s the start of a new season with your love, so friends, please don't settle for just anyone who owns a camera.

We firmly believe in finding a photographer who you trust and vibe with because we promise you, it will make your day all the better.

So how exactly do you know if you trust your photographer? What does that even mean and what does that look like? We've written up a few questions and factors to think about in your search! Read on, friend!

1. Do you LOVE their editing style?

If after you've browsed through their galleries and taken a good look at their work, and you still love what you see, you're likely headed in a good direction! Go ahead and ask for a full gallery so you can take a deeper look, but for the most part, what you will get from your photographer is what you see on their website. If you don't like their style, there will be a disconnect. You won't trust your photographer in the editing phase, and that's SO important.

Trusting your photographer doesn't only mean trusting them to deliver on the day of, but you're also trusting them to deliver photos you're confident you'll love. In other words, if you're going to want to reedit their photos (think: applying filters, brightening/darkening photos, etc.), they probably aren't the right photographer for you - and that's OKAY. Keep searching! Remember, don't settle. Find someone whose style you LOVE.

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2. Do you like how their couples look? (I’m not just talking about the editing!)

What kind of work does your photographer feature? Is it photos of couples running through the beach barefoot with wind whipping through their hair? Is it photos that are classic, traditional and classy? Part of a photographer's job + expertise is knowing how to pose and direct you! If you trust your photographer, you wouldn’t be showing them a Pinterest board of photos you’d want them to replicate. Doing so is pretty much asking a photographer to copy another artist’s work. This point goes pretty hand in hand with our first one: If you love their style (this includes how their couples are posed), then you can bet that you’ll love the outcome of your own photos.

But if you’re looking at their pictures and doubting if you like how their couples look (or itching to send them a Pinterest shot list), then you miiiight want to look somewhere else.


3. How do you guys connect?

Do you feel like you’ve found your new best friend? Or does it feel excruciatingly awkward? This is SO important. Your wedding photographer is the one vendor you choose that will be with you practically ALL DAY, and when you actually like your photographer (think: you feel like you’re actual bffs!), then that’s where the magic happens. You will be relaxed and comfortable. You will open up. And THAT is what’s going to allow your photographer to capture all the beautifully real, authentic and candid moments that go on throughout the day.


4. Last but definitely not least! You think you’ve found the one, and you’re just about ready to commit. Do they send you a contract?

This one is a bit more technical and might seem pretty obvious, but we never want to assume. You want a photographer who is going to send you a contract (they’re important!!!). This will make sure you're covered as far as the services you've discussed, payments required and the payment plan, as well as their other policies. While most professional photographers DO have this, I would be wary if you've got one who doesn't send you one.

Don’t get us wrong, there could be photographers out there who are awesome and so skilled at what they do, but maybe they are newer and aren’t aware of the need for a contract. Politely ask them to send you one! But you can bet that a more seasoned pro will have one ready to send over (without you having to ask).

TLDR; You’re going to want to make sure you trust your photographer! This means that you LOVE their work so much that you won’t give them a lengthy shot list to go off of. This means that when they make suggestions on your timeline or on a new and different pose to try, you’re open to it because you trust that they are creating something meaningful and lasting! This means that you’re so comfortable with one another, where you’re willing to open up and let them see the real, authentic parts of your relationship.

Friends, there are so many talented photographers out there! Trust us when we say you’re going to find one you love. Don’t settle! It’s your wedding day.


Kristine and Charles