What’s a first look?

First looks are one of our favorite moments to capture. But that being said, we know a first look isn’t for everyone. To help those on the fence, we’ve written up a few points on those considering doing a first look.

What’s a first look?

Traditionally, a couple will see each other for the first time on the aisle, so a first look is when a couple decides to share this moment before the ceremony in a more private & intimate manner. First looks will typically take place sometime after getting ready and before the ceremony begins. During this time, it can either be a sweet moment shared just between the couple (and their photo + video team) or sometimes couples will include their wedding party and/or some family to share in the moment with them.

Should I do a first look?

Common reasons to do a first look:

1. It can calm the nerves.

For some brides, the pressure of walking down the aisle can wrack up a lot of nerves, unless you’re having a small and intimate wedding or are eloping. If you’re having a traditional wedding, then all eyes are typically on the bride. If this thought makes you nervous, a first look may help calm your nerves before hand. This was a reason Charles and I chose to do a first look. Choosing to see each other before the ceremony begins takes away that added pressure of your guests witnessing this moment with you. If you want your first look together to be more of a private and intimate experience between you and your partner, consider a first look! 

2. It allows you to be present at the ceremony.

This goes hand in hand with our first point, but it’s worth it to point out that when you’re not as nervous, you can walk down that aisle confidently and fully present. Any added pressure will be gone, and you’ll be able to be fully present at your ceremony as you celebrate with your community of loved ones. 

3. Quality time with your person before the rush of activities.

On a wedding day, you’re likely going from one thing to the next. First looks let you have a moment together after seeing each other for the first time, instead of heading straight into vows/speeches/the rest of the ceremony/greeting family, and more. And while each and every moment is beautiful, it’s always nice to sneak in this quality time with one another. A first look is a wonderful opportunity to do that.

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