Joshua Tree National Park, CA

An intimate elopement with an adventurous couple + their camper van!


Shelby + Brian brought us along to capture their intimate, adventurous elopement at Joshua Tree National Park, California - and we were in LOVE! It was such a lovely ceremony! It wasn’t huge and extravagant, which is what made it so special and sweet. They were surrounded by only a handful of the people they love - all of them celebrating this new chapter in Shelby and Brian’s lives. This is why we adore elopements - they are so intimate and all the focus is on the couple and their love for one another. It was such a sweet celebration. And to top it off, we were in a GORGEOUS location. A desert elopement captured their relationship perfectly.

Shelby and Brian love the desert and took their Volkswagen camper van along with them on the trip. Needless to say, we were stoked to get some rad shots with them in it. We basically drove around various spots of the park (our favorites were Jumbo Rocks and Cholla Garden!) and chased the sunset together. We’re convinced we’ve got the best job ever, and love that we get to be part of this special chapter of our couples’ lives.