What to Look For When Hiring a Photographer or Videographer

What to look for in a wedding photographer? 

There’s a ton of straight up creative, talented and amazing artists out there. There’s also a wide range of prices, styles and approaches. So what are some important things to keep in mind when looking around for a photographer? We’ve summed it up for you!

  1. Decide on what style you want. Are you looking for light and airy? Bright and colorful? Traditional and classic? Moody and intimate?

    Look through different galleries and decide on what style fits your personalities and preferences best! If you’re confused on the different types, Pinterest could be a great tool for this, or use Instagram and search through hashtags like #losangelesweddingphotographer or #socalweddingphotographer (or wherever you are based!) and browse through the different styles you’ll find. Decide with your boo on what you both like best, and go from there. Once you’ve got an idea of what style you want your photog/videog to have, this will help narrow your search down by A LOT.

  2. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. Do your homework! Know exactly what you are going to get. Take a look at their FAQ’s and actually take the time to READ THEM! Look through their Pricing Guides and know what is included in each package. Ask about their delivery times, how many photos they’ll deliver (do they have a minimum? a cap?), read their reviews, etc.! If you have a question that you can’t find on their website or materials, ask them! Make sure you understand all the information about what you will be investing in beforehand - that way there are no surprises later on.

  3. MAKE SURE YOU GET ALONG! This is SO important because you will be spending ALL DAY together, so make sure your photographer and videographer team are people who you could see yourself being friends with! Do your personalities mesh? Do you trust each other? Make sure they’re someone you’re comfortable being around!