For wedding photos, up to 6 weeks. Couples and engagement sessions take 2 weeks. For wedding films, it will take up to 3 months. Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life - we want to make sure we give you somethnig that reflects that.

We give a MINIMUM of 500 photos for weddings. For our engagement and couples sessions, you will get a minimum of 30 photos. We don't provide a maximum because every wedding is unique and different, but we promise to give you the very best of what we shoot!

Of course! We deliver fully edited photos that are in line with our style. The only thing we don't do is make any changes your physical appearance (birth marks, body shape, facial hair, etc.). We believe that's part of the beauty of who you are! We may, however, remove any blemishes that wouldn't normally be there (i.e. pimples, bug bites, stuff like that).

No, we do not. Our editing is our art, and we take great joy in delivering the finalized and edited product to our couples! Providing RAW photos and/or raw footage would be like a chef handing over an uncooked meal. ;) We promise to work with you to make sure we capture everything you'll want from your wedding!

We've got your back! We send our couples a "What to Wear Guide" before their session, which covers everything from colors, patterns, accessories, what to expect from the session, and more! We walk you through it and make sure you're going into the session feeling 100% confident, ready and excited!

We know sometimes that weather is unpredictable! Once you schedule your session with us, we monitor the weather and keep you posted on if the forecast looks like it may rain (although it usually doesn't in SoCal!). If it is scheduled to rain - we actually don't mind it! Unless it's a major storm, we find that some light drizzle/rain actually helps bring out the emotion and playfulness during the shoot - BUT we 100% leave it up to the couple! If you absolutely hate the rain and know you'd be miserable taking photos in it, then we'd work together to reschedule your session.


HECK YES! We're based in Los Angeles, CA but LOVE to travel! If you're having a wedding or elopement outside of Southern California, and you're wondering if we'll travel out to you, the answer is YES!

It all really depends on how far away you are from us! We are based in Los Angeles, California so if your wedding or elopement is over a 1.5 hour drive for us (or if it's out of state), additional travel fees would apply. We would calculate the fees depending on where your wedding or elopement is, and we'd get you a travel quote before booking!

Fill out our BOOK US form (you can find the link in the top right corner of our website) and give us all the deets about your love story + wedding day vision! Unless we are traveling, we will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm our availability and get you more info!

A 50% retainer fee is required to save your date (this is applied towards your total balance). The remaining fees are due 14 days (2 weeks) before your wedding. We accept credit cards, checks, or you can pay online via bank transfer on our online client portal that we set you up with.

Trust us...for something like that to happen, we would either have to be in the hospital or having a family emergency/death. We SO value our couples, and if something like that happens that prevents us from being able to be at your wedding, we will notify you immediately - as soon as we know - and will personally find you a replacement whom we completely trust and whose work and style you love.

If you have already booked us and have to cancel or reschedule your wedding, your 50% retainer fee is non-refundable. We promise we aren't trying to be mean or steal your money. It's because once we have your date in our calendars, we are counting on that money to support our family. We've also likely turned down other brides inquiring on your date. If you have to reschedule your wedding, please reach out and we wil try our best to help. Although we can't refund the retainer fee, we may be able to reapply it to your new date. We know it isn't easy to have to reschedule a wedding that you've been planning, so if we can help, we will.