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Our miscarriage story

I was 7 weeks pregnant with our first baby. I was getting dressed to gather with our church family, when Charles came into the room. He smiled, knelt down, kissed my bare belly and whispered “I love you.” It was one of my favorite memories during this short season of pregnancy. My heart filled with so much love as I imagined him as a father. I loved seeing his love for our babe grow in his heart with each day that passed. We were so excited, and I was filled with so much love for my man and for our baby.

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Introductions: From Our Hearts

We’ve got so much passion for what we do. It is our JOY to meet couples, and get to know, serve and celebrate them. It is seriously just one of the many blessings that come from this job and we love it.

When starting this blog, we decided we were going to be real and candid with who we are and what we value — especially because we believe so much of this experience is based off of the relationships we get to build. So here’s a small introduction — a sneak peak into our hearts.

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