a little about us! ♡

We’re SoCal-based Destination wedding photographers / videographers, who happen to also be married (and think it’s the best thing ever) - which is why we believe our job is so dang special. We are passionate about life, love and relationships. We wholeheartedly believe that when you’ve found your person, it will grow, challenge and change you for the better. To us, that is a beautiful thing, and part of that magic begins on your wedding day. It is a joy and honor to be trusted with documenting such a special life moment, and we don’t take this lightly. To every couple who has trusted us with telling their story, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We can’t wait to come alongside you on this crazy ride.

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This is so much more than just photos, videos or a simple business transaction. When you invite us along with you, you get an experience. You get us. Our hearts are here to genuinely help and serve you. Whether that means you need someone to talk to, bounce ideas off of, celebrate life’s little victories with you, we are here. Because if we’re being real, part of the joy that comes from this job of ours is the awesome friendships we’ve made along the way.

This is our heart. This is our WHY. We love to capture these memories because this is what you’ll have to look back on in the years to come. It will be your STORY told to your grandkids. It will be the legacy you pass down, and the treasure your children will hold on to, long after you’re gone. And the thought of this literally lights our souls on fire. So our philosophy? We are here to serve you. We want to help you every step of the way, in whatever way we can as you enter into this amazing new season with the love of your life.

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We’re just going to say it. We hate the stiff, awkward prom pose (can I get an amen!?). We aren’t about those fake smiles. We want the REAL stuff. We want to capture your relationship as it really is — all the quirks, tears, laugh lines, EVERYTHING. We want you to walk away with photos and videos that will remind you how madly in love you both are (and trust us when we say that love just grows sweeter in the years to come). THIS is what we want you to remember. We want you to look back on the memories and relive all the emotions from one of the biggest days of your lives.

We do this by giving you an awesome EXPERIENCE. If you’re just searching for a vendor to check off your list, we’re probably not your kind of people - and that’s okay. We want you to invest in someone you’ll trust and vibe with. For us, we love to become friends with our couples, and we do our best to get to know you so that you can be comfortable in front of the camera (and show us your real, authentic self). This is what allows us to get the candids (because we cultivate that trust beforehand). When you invite us along with you, we want you to know we’re here for you, and we mean it.

Our hearts are genuinely here to SERVE you by helping you capture the moments that MATTER. We want you to walk away with photos and videos that will make you cry tears of joy. And when we take photos/videos, we’ve got your grandbabies in mind. We want to give you something that captures your legacy and tells your story to your kids and your grandkids and all the generations after. We want your story to be told because we believe your story is so worth telling, and we want to celebrate it.

So what do you say!? Are we speaking your love language? Are our words and our approach resonating with you? If you value the experience over perfect photos + if you value MARRIAGE more than a wedding day — then you’ll feel right at home with us. Let us tell your story.


our little family ♡

Soli Deo Gloria.